Are the Globalists scapegoating the Jews?


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Sep 11, 2021
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Increasingly, among those circles who are rightly opposed to this New World Order, we have a greater emphasis put on the role of the Jews. This is typified, in Ireland for example, by the emphasis that Gemma O’Doherty places on it in her livestreams over the last few months and year or so. In short, I think this is a mistake, I think it is wrong to blame this globalist push on the Jews or Judaism in general. I think sure, there are issues with Israel and its treatment of Palestinians etc, but some attribute everything like 9/11, or control over US politics in general, indeed almost every modern day step of these globalists, to Jews or Israel.

I am not saying this because its convenient or politically correct, its just obvious to me that some, like for example E. Michael Jones who certainly has also some truthful and interesting things to say, are nonetheless exaggerating their role. For what its worth I think most people working for these globalists are probably atheists attracted to the idea of power and money, but if they have any religion I think at its core its a kind of Masonic/Luciferian one, as can be seen in their symbols for example. Its not Judaism, in my opinion.


But first its necessary to address the question of the Holocaust. While not going into it in detail, and recognising that I am a long way off from being any kind of German history expert, I think the level of evidence presented to prove the Holocaust is insufficient to establish the mass murder of 6,000,000 people. Remember the whole story of the Holocaust arises among the occupying powers in Germany after that countries defeat in the Second World War. Needless to say propaganda had a large role to play in that war and I don’t believe that those occupying militaries were cured of using that tool in the immediate months of the occupation, at least, during which you had Nuremberg and lurid film releases about this alleged Holocaust, etc.

So I think its fair to say that the impartial historian often lifts his gaze above the fray of the immediate aftermath of wars to see what documents or proof emerges over time, which would prove or disprove the historical thesis. Over time, as far as I know the really important documentation can be summarised here:

a) German national archives which contain documents detailing their military and civilian activities during the war. These seem to be very extensive, surprisingly not that much was lost in the chaos of the German defeat and Allied bombings. You can document very well most German activities through these surviving documents, but as regards the Holocaust in these, very extensive, files, we seem to only have this:

The German authorities, after a lot of rescheduling, convened a conference at Wannsee, near Berlin, on the 20 January 1942 during which they sought to agree on the ‘Final Solution’ of the ‘Jewish Question’. The minutes, or protocol, of that meeting are available online, for example here: However we don’t seem to get any real answers there as to what they meant by the ‘Final Solution’. It certainly doesn’t say they intended killing people and in the absence of that the phrase ‘Final Solution’ could mean anything.

It certainly does talk about forced emigration of Jews and you would have to say it proves, what should be obvious to all, that the Nazi government was very prejudicial to and oppressive towards the Jews. (Incidentally, for what its worth, I genuinely think that government was evil in many of the things it did, including this oppression. We are just addressing here the narrow question of whether the Holocaust happened, not whether the Nazis were nice people or not, because they weren’t! Whether the occupying powers were lovely people either, is a separate question, but people like the aforementioned E Michael Jones make some telling points there.) As regards this oppression, for example many Jews were impressed into forced labour and died in the difficult conditions in those labour camps, as indeed this document seems to allude to, and not in a way that shows great concern for their persons!

In general it appears that the ’Final Solution’ was an attempt to settle them in part of the soon to be conquered lands in the East, conquered from the Soviets of course, and in the meantime they were to be used for this labour in camps scattered across this general German/Russian frontier, awaiting the outcome of the war on the Eastern front.

b) The Red Cross organisation were in and out of the camps all the time, monitoring the condition of the prisoners. Their extensive statistics on this were released, I think, in the late 1970s, but they don’t show any Holocaust. (They show at times a lot of deaths by diseases though, and again, I reiterate, I am sure conditions were terrible therein at least some of the time.)

c) The Russians took away to Moscow most of the documentation in the possession of the camps themselves, after the War, and only released these c.1991 under glasnost. They don’t seem to prove the Holocaust story either.

d) The British famously put great emphasis on the interception of radio signals during the War, but this huge effort, centred on Bletchley Park, remained a national state secret until again about the late 1970s. The actual transcripts of what they had intercepted from Germany only became widely available to researchers in the National Archives, I believe, in or about the late 90s and early 2000s.

This very much included the interception of internal German civilian government and military radio signals, for example from these camps to the central government using devices like the famous Enigma machine to attempt to scramble the signals. So that’s apparently now widely available in the National Archives in the UK but it doesn’t seem they found anything about the mechanism or practice of murdering 6 million people in such a short space of time, there either.

So again I am not claiming to be an expert on German, or even WWII, history, and am totally open to different opinions here, but as far as I can see, the level of evidence presented to prove the existence of the Holocaust falls far short of what it needs to be to prove this was not just the usual wartime propaganda. The reason why the propaganda would continue after the war is because they wanted to cement their occupation of Germany. By telling the latter that they were virtually sub human it made them more docile in accepting that occupation.

Problems with the Holocaust Narrative causing people to exaggerate the role of the Jews and Israel

So yes, I think the people questioning the Holocaust story are on to something, but then they go from there, and as before mentioned, attribute everything bad to the Jews or Israel, including Mossad for example. Israel is quite a small country, not with the giant intelligence apparatus that you see for example in the US, and it is very unlikely to have this global power that some attribute to it. Also when you see US politicians donning skull caps and praying at the wailing wall, maybe you could look upon it as the Jewish equivalent of drinking Guinness and donning an Aran sweater, they are just playing up to the Jewish electorate for votes a lot of the time. Its an exaggeration to say from those episodes that the whole US political system is in their grasp?

Also, if one pauses to think about it, maybe the state of Israel is not so popular among the globalist powers that be that so many assume. Israel – at least if you exclude the Palestinian areas – has very strong racial, historical and religious ties binding together that country. In general globalists hate those kind of countries, we are all supposed to be a one world community before we come under a one world government, and Israel is not playing along here?

Certainly they have oppressed the Palestinians and acted, at least at times, in a way that nobody could justify, but its remarkable how much our very controlled media has highlighted these abuses. So much so that Sinn Fein for example, easily the most controlled large party in Ireland, routinely flies Palestinian flags and heavily criticises Israel.


So this is just an opinion, but I think the Powers that be have lined up the Jews and Israel to be the fall guy for a lot of their actions. To take a simple concrete example: the hate speech legislation before the Oireachtas now is supposed to have been pushed particularly by Jewish groups, as part of such a campaign to bring in similar laws in Europe and elsewhere. But is it really the case that the small, and certainly never ’hated’, Jewish community in Ireland are behind this? Could one look upon this as the globalist powers that be wanting such oppressive totalitarian legislation, for their own ends, and are putting forward the Jews all the time to take whatever flak is to come now or in the future over this?

Anyway for what its worth, that’s my theory. They are attributing everything to the Jews so that, if need be, they will scapegoat them later and deflect attention away from these Masonic/Luciferian groups that, going by the very extensive use of their symbolism, seem to hold more extensive power in the world.

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