Coolock asylum centre protest camp


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Sep 11, 2021
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A number of months ago information leaked out that the government was going to house asylum seekers in the old, large, Crown paints building on the Malahide Road in Coolock in North County Dublin. In response to which a large protest was formed, and its still there a few months later.

This is a large well organised 24 hour protest camp with, even Sky News acknowledges, a 'community feel' to it. There is one large protest building, with about three rooms, as well as a smaller one and a large tent. They even have a QR code on one of their signs where people can access more information. They receive donations from the local community, which are then accounted for with receipts etc.

To date it appears also to be very successful in that the government don't seem to be trying anymore to occupy the site with asylum seekers, but that could change suddenly and certainly the protest organisers are taking no chances.

What follows are some pictures of the site and an interview with one of the key organisers, Kevin Coyle, and also Geraldine and Bernie at the protest camp.

by Brian Nugent

Coolock protest site, 26 May 2024.jpg


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