Hiding Traffic crime by nationality?


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Feb 4, 2022
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You know sometimes how you end up following links from something else you were reading, well I ended up on the Garda Traffic Twitter account.

The lads are rather busy these days with tax collecting for all sorts of things, however, I started to notice something.

Every vehicle image on the tweets seemed to show the Irish Blue EU Badge with the number plate blanked out. However other vehicles which I suspect were not Irish had the whole number plate blanked out.

For instance below, you can clearly see the Irish EU badges on all the Vehicles, but for some reason one car has all the number plates blanked out.


They surely aren't hiding the identity of these vehicles because they are not Irish and it would raise people's suspicions that a lot of the vehicles breaking the law on the road are from other countries.

View: https://twitter.com/GardaTraffic/status/1659103145278963712?s=20

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Mar 23, 2023
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Might be cars involved in a crime ...active court case ?? they look like typical JDM boy racer lash up's...

However one of the Irish MSM screeds had a headline a while ago that there were now 'hundreds of drive aways' from Garda checkpoints every month. many at high speed

I can't imagine your typical third world African of muslim economic migrant/"asylum seeker" wasting his social welfare cash on expensive unnecessary things like a driving licence, car tax or NCT... or insurance when perfectly good reproductions can be bought from the dark web for a couple of Euro and will be perfectly fine for all situations ...apart from an actual crash...

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